Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide | The Food Allergy Foodie

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I wanted to share with you some great gift ideas for the mom’s that love to cook and entertain (or even yourself if you aren’t a mom or a mom to four-legged kids). All of these products are available online and many will be on sale for Mother’s Day, which is even better. I’ve included things at different price points so there is something for every budget. Happy shopping!

Le Creuset 2.75-Qt. Round Cast Iron Dutch Oven

One of my favorite things in our kitchen is our Dutch oven. This is also called a French oven. It’s great for cooking sauces, stews, braising meat, and any of your other slow-cooking recipes. I love making my pasta sauce in the Dutch oven; the sauce can simmer for hours without much monitoring except stirring every half hour. It’s made from cast iron, so it’s a really durable (and heavy) pot; but, since it’s coated in enamel, it doesn’t need to be cured liked traditional cast iron pans. And, it’s available in so many fun colors, you can pick one that matches your mom’s kitchen. You can find these at most cooking and home goods stores like Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Macy’s. These can be a bit expensive so look out for Mother’s Day sales – Macy’s is offering 30% off of Le Creuset through May 12, 2019.

2.75-Qt. Round Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Regular price (at Macy’s): $214.99; sale price (through May 12): $149.99

Fun Cocktail Napkins

For the mom’s that like to entertain, fun cocktail napkins make the perfect gift! My mom loves these types of napkins and she is always buying them for herself, for us, and even for my future mother-in-law! Amazon has a huge selection of napkins. You can also find them at most gourmet grocery stores like Central Market and Whole Foods, as well as at Cost Plus World Market.

Prices start around $7.00 

Soup & Sandwich Set from Crate & Barrel

Soup and sandwiches go together like peanut butter and jelly. This set is perfect for those cold winter nights when soup and sandwiches make the best meal. The set combines an oval plate with a matching, tureen-shaped soup bowl. I put these on our wedding registry and if we don’t get them, I’m planning on buying a set for us because I love them that much.

Regular Price: $16.95 

KitchenAid Stand Mixers

Next to the Dutch oven, my other favorite kitchen appliance is my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I remember when I got my mixer and it felt like Christmas morning. It’s so beautiful sitting on the kitchen counter. Also like the Dutch oven, the KitchenAid stand mixers come in many colors so finding one that matches your mom’s kitchen won’t be a problem. I selected a silver stand mixer so that it will go with any of my future kitchens. But, if I had a forever kitchen, I would pick a fun color like purple or blue. There are also a lot of attachments available, including a pasta maker and vegetable spiralizer. I use my KitchenAid mixer a lot – from baking cookies and cakes with fluffy frosting to mashed potatoes and pizza dough. You can find KtichenAid stand mixers at a variety of retailers, from Target, Macy’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond to online at and Amazon. Definitely shop around to find the best price.

Price ranges from $199-$500, depending on retailer and style of mixer

Mortar & Pestle

In one of my Instagram posts, I talk about how every time I watch “Julie & Julia”, it makes me want to cook with butter. It also made me really want a mortar and pestle – which Brad lovingly gave me for my birthday this past year. It’s great for making guacamole, and crushing herbs and spices to release their full flavor. You can also make Pesto sauce by crushing the basil and garlic before adding the olive oil. This particular mortar and pestle is from Williams & Sonoma, but you can also find them online. The prices range for this, depending on what size and type of mortar and pestle you buy.

Prices range from $14.99-$99.99, depending on retailer and size

3-Wick Candles from Bath & Body Works

Have you noticed how stinky your home can get after cooking Brussels sprouts or cauliflower? Burning a candle in the kitchen can help reduce or eliminate odors caused by cooking your mom’s favorite meal. I love the three-wick candles from Bath & Body Works. I always have a few in the closet, since I typically burn a candle every night after dinner. Wild Sage and Aloe is a clean and crisp scent that is quite lovely. I always stock up on three-wick candles when they go on sale since you can usually get three candles for the price of one. 

Regular price: $24.50

Drink Dispensers for Parties

For the mom that loves to entertain, a drink dispenser helps keep glasses full throughout the party. These are great for serving water, iced tea, lemonade, punch, and even sangria. You can find a wide variety of drink dispensers so you can easily find one that fits your mom’s taste and style. This one below is from Crate and Barrel and retails for $79.99. You can also find drink dispensers at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, West Elm, Amazon, WalMart, Target, and Wayfair, to name a few.

Prices range from $29.99 to $80.00

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