Hidden Ingredients

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Gluten, dairy, and eggs can be found in foods that you never would expect. For instance, did you know that licorice and salad dressings include gluten? Or that marshmallows contain eggs? Or that non-dairy creamer still contains dairy? Learning what hidden ingredients took look out for will help you select products that are free of gluten, dairy and eggs. It will also help you when ordering in a restaurant or making a salad at a salad bar. Even if a product is labeled “gluten-free” make sure to still read the ingredients to confirm it doesn’t contain dairy or eggs.

To help navigate the grocery store, here is a list of common hidden ingredients.

Hidden Gluten Ingredients

  • Barley
  • Brewer’s yeast (beer and other alcoholic beverages)
  • Durum flour (also called pasta wheat or macaroni wheat)
  • Einkorn wheat
  • Emmer flour (also known as farro)
  • Farina flour (commonly found in hot cereals)
  • Farro flour
  • Graham flour
  • Khorasan wheat
  • Malt (malted barley flour, malted milk or milkshakes, malt extract, malt syrup, malt flavoring, malt vinegar, malt beverages)
  • Rye
  • Semolina flour (can be found in pasta and puddings)
  • Spelt flour
  • Triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye)
  • Wheat
  • Wheatberries
  • Wheat starch

Hidden Dairy Ingredients

  • Any form of Milk (including evaporated milk, condensed milk, milk solids, milk protein, milk powder, and milk derivatives)
  • Artificial Butter & Artificial Butter Flavoring
  • Caseinate
  • Casein
  • Lactalbumin (also known as whey protein)
  • Lactoferrin
  • Lactoglobulin
  • Lactose
  • Natural butter flavor
  • Whey (including delactosed whey, whey powder, whey protein, and demineralized whey)

Egg Terms:

  • Nougat (contains egg whites)
  • Powdered eggs
  • Egg substitute
  • Albumin
  • Globulin
  •  Lecithin and Soy Lecithin
  • Lysozyme
  • Ovalbumin
  • Ovovitellin

Foods to watch out for that may contain these allergens:

  • Energy Bars (gluten, dairy, eggs)
  • Fried foods such as French fries, chicken wings, egg rolls, and anything bread-battered
  • Potato chips (some flavorings contain whey or milk derivatives)
  • Processed lunch or deli meats (Boar’s Heat is gluten-free)
  • Candy bars
  • Soups (may contain dairy or wheat)
  • Soy sauce (a good alternative is coconut aminos)
  • Pre-seasoned or pre-marinated meats
  • Tea (some detox or stomach calming teas contain barley)
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Oats (gluten-free oats are easily available)
  • Marshmallows (contains eggs)
  • Mayonnaise (contains eggs)
  • Meatloaf and meatballs (contains eggs and breadcrumbs)
  • Tarter sauce
  • Meringue and frostings


Remember to consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions about the best foods to eat for your food allergies and sensitivities.

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