Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with my dogs! Lulu has been faithfully by my side for 12 years and Boomer came with Brad, so what’s not to love about him?

Just like me, Lulu and Boomer suffer from allergies! But, theirs are a little different than mine. Lulu has always been a licker…a little OCD, a little anxiety, and a little skin irritation. To help combat that, I have her on a (mostly) grain-free diet. I had her on several different foods throughout her life but after discovering Zignature dog food, she has consistently been eating this high protein brand of dog food. Boomer suffers from ear infections and skin rashes and hot spots. The poor guy just can’t catch a break it feels like! He is on daily medicine for his allergies, which has significantly helped – it’s like night and day. His hot spots are gone and the ear infections are not as frequent.

To help keep Lulu and Boomer as healthy as possible, here are a few things that I give them to keep them active in their senior years.

Zignature Food For Dogs

Six o’clock is dinner time for Lulu and Boomer and let me tell you, their internal clock starts ticking at 5:30pm! They both gobble up this kibble – gone are the days of coaxing them to eat.

This dog food was recommended to me by the owners of a local pet store when I first moved to Dallas. I love that the formula is hypo-allergenic and only contains high-quality natural ingredients that is lower in carbs than other dog foods. They have a variety of protein’s to choose from and we rotate between duck, white fish, and the Zignature blend.

Super Snouts Joint Powder

The same pet food store that recommended Zignature also recommended Super Snouts joint powder. It’s great for senior dogs to help keep their joints, ligaments, and tendons healthy. I didn’t want anything to happen to Lulu as she began to age so I added this to her dinner. It’s just one tiny scoop every night (four scoops for Boomer) and I just sprinkle it on their kibble at night.

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