I love to entertain and throw parties of all sizes. From having a small gathering of friends or family or planning a party, entertaining with food allergies can be hard. But, with a little prep and research, you can put together a delicious menu that no one will know if allgery-safe!

Menu Plan

The first thing I do when entertaining is ask if anyone attending has food allergies. Having food sensitivities myself, I always want to make sure I’m accommodating my guests. When we got married, we had a few vegans, a few with diagnosed Celiac disease, and me. I worked with our caterer to make sure they were aware of these special needs and we picked foods that worked for everyone attending.

When I entertain, I have a few go-to recipes but sometimes I like to try something new. I just scour my cookbooks or Pinterest for ideas and modify as needed.

Label Foods That are “Safe” to Eat

If I’m doing a buffet or just having appetizers out on the table, I like to have signs that indicate if the food is “safe” for those of us with food allergies. I bought little chalkboard signs that I can easily wipe clean after each party. This helps my guests know they can safely eat something, or if they need to steer clear of that particular dish.

Eat Before You Go

If you are going to a party and aren’t sure if there will be foods safe to eat, then I highly recommend eating before you leave. I don’t like to eat a full meal before I go to a party but I want something in my stomach, just to make sure I’m not drinking on an empty stomach. And, I don’t want to be starving late at night and then come home and binge on something in the fridge.

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