There is so much information available on food allergies and sensitivities that sometimes it can be overwhelming! My goal with this section is to provide you with information and resources that I have found helpful over the years.


There are two types of inflammation – chronic and acute. For those of us with food sensitivities, we are more prone to acute, or internal, inflammation. This type of inflammation can go undetected because we think it is something else, like weight gain or feeling bloated. This section provides useful information on the types of inflammation and steps you can take to help reduce internal inflammation.

Hidden Ingredients

Wouldn’t it be nice if the foods we purchased at the store clearly stated if it’s free of gluten, dairy, or eggs? Unfortunately, many food companies are sneaky and use hidden ingredients that may contain our allergies. This page provides lists of terms to know in order to fully avoid gluten, diary, and eggs.

10 Tips for Starting Out with Food Allergies or Sensitivities

I remember when I was first diagnosed with food sensitivities. It was really overwhelming and scary. I’ve put together a list with 10 things to do when first starting out on your food allergy journey.

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